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    7 Benefits of Window Shutter Installation

    If you are looking for a great way to invest in your home or commercial property, our window shutter installation is an ideal way to not only increase your properties overall value but also keeps it temperature controlled and secure.

    One huge benefit of having your window shutters installed by Shutter World is that all shutters are installed by professionals with many years of experience, so no need to try and DIY! But, this is only one of the benefits, check out our list of 7 benefits of window shutter installation below.

    1. Keeps your home secure

    By investing in window shutter installation you can provide yourself and family with peace of mind. Our shutters will provide extra added security from home invaders as it will deter intruders, keeping your belongings and loved ones safe. This is ideal for shift workers as burglars have been known to watch properties to see when the owners leave for work.

    1. Block out harsh weather conditions and save on power bills

    Our window shutter installation helps with blocking out harsh weather conditions with it’s insulation technology that assists in controlling your indoor temperature. This will help save on your power bills as you wont need to rely on your heater or air-conditioning as much.

    1. Controls sunlight

    Now you can watch movies without the reflection of the sun on your screen during the day with our window shutter installation. This will also help keep out the harsh summer heat during the hotter months and help you keep in the heat from the limited sunlight during the winter evenings.

    1. Customizable to suit the design of your home

    We can customise our window shutters to any design, shape or angle of your windows. We can also customise our shutters to suit your design specifications, colour scheme and building type. All installations are easy and we can build-in the window shutters so you won’t have to worry about any visible headboxes ruining the aesthetic of your home.

    1. Bushfire protection

    For those of you who live in areas vulnerable to bushfires, Shutter World can install Bushfire shutters with a rating of up to 40 BAL, which in other words protects from windborne embers and also radiating heat exposure of up to 40kwm². We include a metal crank handle as an additional safety feature which is operational in the event of a bushfire.

    1. Added Privacy

    With window shutter installation you can keep away the eyes of nosey neighbours and passers by to give you that added sense of privacy and security.

    1. 5 year warranty unique to Shutter World

    At Shutter World we offer a generous 5-year unconditional warranty to cover any problem you have within the first 5 years of installation. If you have any issues, all you have to do is contact us and we will be happy to address and fix any problems you have with no questions asked.

    Like the benefits so far? Come down to visit our team of professional shutter installers in-store today or give us a call on 02 9829 1255 to have a chat about how we can help you with window shutter installation.

    Also at Shutter World we will beat any genuine quote from any competitor by 10%. How’s that for great value!

    7 Benefits of Window Shutter Installation
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