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    All Roller Shutters Aren’t Created Equally

    More than 80% of Australians would do some sort of research or comparison before finally deciding on a purchase and roller shutters should not be an exception. Different brands of roller shutters are manufactured to different standards. While a certain product may come with a promise of a cheaper price it’s important to know that all roller shutters are not made equal and a cheaper price may not equate to sufficient quality. It is essential to understand and consider other factors besides price when choosing the right company and product for your shutter needs.


    Some companies outsource their products from different countries enabling them to offer a lower price, but a cheaper price more often than not equates to lower quality. These products may have been refurbished or been made using inferior quality materials and parts. Cheap roller shutters are usually made of thin and weaker materials and manufacturing quality is not guaranteed with quality checks often not done to acceptable standards. It may eventually cause problems, disappointments, and end up being more expensive to fix or replace than the initial cost. We’ve seen instances like shutters getting stuck in the shutter box or misalignment letting light through the gaps. In addition, product orders placed through unreliable companies may result in absence of warranty or if one has been offered the company not upholding a promised warranty.


    One of the main roles roller shutters play is to keep windows from rattling ensuring a quieter house, while offering protection from debris during windy and heavy rain seasons. With this in mind It is important to install strong and reliable shutters to ensure the best possible protection from the elements. Some shutters can fall short in this department , and extreme weather conditions can misalign and weaken poor quality shutters. Furthermore if the shutters are fitted incorrectly they can have weak spots leading to breakage and leaving them susceptible to manipulation and break ins. We have found that a lot of companies hire unqualified technicians to install shutters with less than one year experience. Risk management is lower when installation is done by professionals and prevents the hazard of the shutters to detaching or breaking. It is crucial to find not only top-quality products but have experienced professionals who can do an excellent job installing your shutters. At Shutterworld we promise and guarantee the safety of our roller shutters by hiring only certified and experienced technicians, ensuring the correct and precise installation of our products. We aim to deliver overall satisfaction by providing an amazing service experience to you.


    Products can quickly become a burden and can cause stress if they become too high maintenance. Inferior products can start to deteriorate after a few months and can be noticeable to the eye in as short a year, either on the outer surfaces or inner insulating materials. Frequent repairs and maintenance can be inconvenient and end up costing more money than the initial price. In a commercial setting rough force or slamming of shutters by your employees is inevitable but can be less of a long term problem if the quality of the shutters is A1, you need roller shutters that can take a beating!. At shutter world, our shutters are made in Australia to ensure quality. We offer a massive 5-year warranty on all products to not only our commercial customers but also our residential clients. Our products have been proven to stand the test of time and our unique designs offer the best shutter solutions. Our products are certified and comply with all Australian Government regulations, including our BAL 40 bushfire shutters which are specifically made for bushfire prone areas. We also offer bullet resistant roller shutters, which are of the highest quality shutters around not to mention safe.

    At Shutter World, we are number one, not only when it comes to price and quality but also durability, warranty, and the security of our products. Customer satisfaction is our no. 1 priority. Shutter world has over 40 years of experience and promises honest prices and top-quality products. We manufacture only the highest quality shutters right here in Australia, using heavy duty materials that offer the best security from theft and vandalism. We take pride and responsibility in our service and product.

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    All Roller Shutters Aren’t Created Equally
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