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    Shutterworld BAL FZ Window Shutters

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    BAL FZ Window Shutters

    Flame Zone Protection Window Shutters

    Our BAL FZ window shutters are tested and approved to Australian standards, meeting the requirements of AS1530.8.2 2007.

    With the Australian heat on the rise, it’s never been more important to protect your home. The significant scientific changes influencing Australia’s temperature, weather patterns and environmental conditions are affecting bushfire weather conditions and severity.

    Homes and businesses located in the flame zone must take the necessary precautions to protect their property from ember attack, burning debris and directly exposed flames.

    Scientifically tested and compliant, the flame zone BAL FZ window shutters offer thermal benefits and noise suppression with motorised use, adaptable to smartphone controls. Installations are suitable for new buildings, retrofittings, large windows or door openings in a wide range of colours.

    Aluminium and stainless steel roller shutter slats offer the best available protection for fire zone windows and doors. When the BAL FZ window shutters are closed, it will stop fire from getting into your home and block ember and debris from sneaking in.

      NSW RURAL FIRE SERVICE: Bushfire Attack Level Table

    BAL – Low Lowest risk from a potential fire.
    BAL – 12.5 Risk is primarily from potential embers during a fire.
    BAL – 19 Moderate risk, particularly from embers and burning debris.
    BAL – 29 High risk, particularly from embers, debris and heat.
    BAL – 40 Very high risk. Likely to be impacted by embers, debris, heat and potentially flames.
    BAL – FZ Extreme risk. Directly exposed to the flames of a potential fire front.

    BAL – FZ

       Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zone

    ‘BAL’ is a means of measurement that determines the severity of a building’s potential exposure to direct flames, ember and radiant heat. The Bushfire Attack Levels are assessed on the region, surrounding vegetation, the distance of that vegetation, and the slope on the property.

    Shutter World offers a generous 5 year unconditional warranty. Manufactured in Australia, our BAL FZ window shutters are installed by experienced licenced professionals. Get in touch with the team at Shutter World to find out more about the BAL flame zone or BAL 40 bushfire shutters suitable for your home or business.


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