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    10 Step Guide: Planning for Bushfire Protection

    With bushfire season in Australia quickly approaching, it is essential to implement strategies that will help protect your home from the threat of fires. Below, we have created a list of tips that can help you in planning for bushfire protection and save your home from destruction.

    1. Place gravel around your plants

    By replacing mulch and areas of grass with pebbles or gravel around your plants, you will be minimising the chances of a grass fire travelling across your yard and setting your house on fire.

    2. Install fire-resistant shutters

    For homes that are located in a bushfire prone area, installing fire-resistant shutters at your property and keeping them shut may help to save your home. The shutters will be able to keep out floating ambers and ignited debris from entering your home. We recommend using our high-quality BAL 40 roller shutters, which are made especially for fire protection but come with a lot of other benefits as well.

    3. Keep plants far from windows

    Plants may look great surrounding your home and windows, but this is another way fire can enter your home. When planning your landscaping, you should place all plants far enough away from your house, so that a flame will not be able to make contact with your home.

    4. Remove flammable items from around your home

    When planning for bushfire protection, you want to remove anything that can catch fire from around your house. Most fires spread by floating embers landing on flammable items that surround your home.

    5. Clear out roof gutters

    To prevent fire entering your home from the roof, you need to clean out all leaves and rubbish from your roof gutters. Additionally, while you are checking your gutters make sure that all holes in your roof or missing tiles are sealed.

    6. Purchase a long hose

    You want to have the ability to reach all sides of your home and the boundaries of your property so that if a small fire occurs, you may be able to water it down. In this case, always think of safety first and call the emergency fire brigade to put the fire out.

    7. Keep windows closed during a bushfire

    Keeping windows shut during a bushfire is an added precaution to make sure that no embers float through the window and set your home alight from the inside. Fireproof shutters will be a better option rather than just having windows as they have extra added protection.

    8. Install static water supply signage

    A static water supply sign will alert passing firefighters of any water storage you have on your property, such as pools or tanks that they can use to fight bushfires.

    9. Store flammable chemicals away from the house

    Have an allocated place away from your home to put all flammable chemicals when at risk of a fire emergency.

    10. Prepare early, don’t leave it till the last minute

    Remember bushfire season is on its way. By planning for bushfire protection, you are going to give your home the best chance of survival and help protect your loved ones and community.

    At Shutter World, we can install our high-quality BAL 40 fire shutters to help you protect your home this bushfire season. Contact us for more information.

    10 Step Guide: Planning for Bushfire Protection
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