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Domestic Roller Shutter

Depend on when the shutter is to be integrated into the property, we recommend different style shutters to better suit the application.


Our Domestic Shutter range is mainly for noise reduction, insulation and weather protection application.

The slat material is thin aluminum shell (0.4mm thickness aluminum wrap) filled in with foam to offer maximum noise reduction and isolation.

European Style Shutter

For the application in the design stage, we would recommend having the European styled shutter.


In this case, the headbox with service plate can be hidden on top of the window, facing inside of the house. This is the originally designed installation method of the European style shutter, the box and track can achieve “invisible” from distance.


Shutter World’s Shutter

The Shutter World patterned design is what we call Australian Style Shutters.


For most Australian home, we don’t have space to fit the headbox inside above window, simply flipping it around and fit it on from outside is just wrong, and most our fellow suppliers are doing this.

Shutter World’s unique designed shutter tallow the curtain to face the right way while leave bigger distance between the curtain and glass to offer maximum insolation. It protects your home against force, intruders and harsh weather.

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Domestic Roller Shutter
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