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    Why You Need This Roller Shutter In 2020

    More than ever, our homes have become our sanctuary- a safe haven from the outside world. Are you looking for an invaluable investment that will protect your loved ones and prevent criminals from stealing your possessions? Roller shutters offer the perfect solution for security, and can provide high levels of protection for your peace of mind. Below are 6 benefits of investing in the Ultimate Shutter, the most durable shutter on the market.

    1. Bullet Proof

    The Ultimate Shutter acts as a shield and can be used to protect your home from bullets. The unique slimline design of these window roller shutter blinds are proven to defend your house from bullets that are fired at close proximities. This means that this is the ideal protection for families or home owners in general who live in areas with high levels of criminal activity in Sydney. These roller shutters are proven to deflect bullets from a range of different guns, including a: 9mm handgun, 38 special, 12 gauge shotgun, 22 calibre and a Dirty Harry 640. With protection from these firearms, that are the main weapons available and used on the streets, this makes it the superior choice for protection.

    2. Fire Protection

    If defending you from criminals isn’t enough, the Ultimate Shutter can also protect you from the fast approaching Sydney fire season. By preventing debris from floating into your house, the magnitude of fires can be reduced, adding to your peace of mind and safety. For maximum fire protection, make sure to clean out shutters that have leaves or insects in them. If you are interested in a specifically designed fire roller shutter, look at our Bushfire Shutters

    3. Noise Reduction

    For those with noise complaints, whether it be loud neighbours, barking dogs or busy highways, the Ultimate Shutter can act as a noise minimiser. It is proven that roller shutter blinds can reduce up to 80% of noise and provide you with the peace and quiet you deserve in your sanctuary. With the high durability and sturdiness to limit sound pollution, you can preserve your stress levels and enjoy some undisturbed alone time.

    4. Privacy

    With increased hours spent at home, our home privacy is invaluable and necessary. Roller shutter blinds will block prying eyes and other invasions of privacy from occurring in your home. Enjoy guaranteed seclusion and relaxation as another benefit to installing these blinds. The thorough design allows there to be no gaps that passer-bys can peak through to ensure that your privacy can be maintained. This privacy can also potentially prevent home invasions and theft as your possessions cannot be seen from the outside, discouraging burglars from having an initial motive.

    5. Aesthetic Armour

    Are you worried that protecting your home will compromise the exterior aesthetics of your house? The Ultimate Shutter is a roller shutter designed for Australian Households and is specifically manufactured to fit windows seamlessly. This means that when installing these shutters, you can avoid a bulky or unnatural look that diminishes the appearance of your house. This is the alternative that will give your house the sleek finish it deserves whilst safeguarding everything inside.

    6. Maintenance

    Once installed, the Ultimate Shutter requires very little maintenance and can last up to approximately 30 years. These minimal maintenance costs are a result of their easy to clean and robust nature. The roller shutters are designed to function without constant repairs and should be cleaned every 6 months with a quick, easy wipe down.

    The Ultimate Shutter is a lasting investment that will provide you with peace of mind about safety, privacy and fire hazards whilst preserving aesthetics and maintenance levels. Invest in your house armour today!

    Why You Need This Roller Shutter In 2020
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