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Different Types Of Window Shutters: Which Ones Are Right For You?

Shutters are an extremely important feature in any home or business. Not only do they help regulate temperature and light, but good quality shutters are essential for privacy and security. However, not all shutters are created equal. There are various different types of window shutters, each with their own unique benefits and features. In order to help you determine which type of shutters is suitable for your budget and individual needs, we’ve put together this handy guide to the different types of window shutters.

The different types of window shutters

Budget Window Roller Shutters

Best for: Homeowners on a budget

The most affordable form of window shutters, roller shutters allow you to incorporate weather control, security and energy efficiency in your home without making a large financial investment. The insulation they provide allows you to control indoor temperature, as well as both natural and artificial light — which helps protect for furniture and gives you a better night’s sleep when used in the bedroom. While they aren’t as heavy duty as other types of window shutters, the design is useful for detering home invaders. Budget window roller shutters like the ones we stock at Shutter World can be customised to suit your design specifications, building type and colour scheme. The installation process is easy and your shutter can be built-in so there are no visible headboxes in your home. They are suitable for exterior doors and windows, different angled and shaped windows, as a room, outdoor and entertainment area partition, or for pantries and laundries, storage units, garages and tool sheds. The options are endless!

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Domestic Roller Shutters

Best for: Homeowners looking for a more permanent, heavy duty option

A more permanent option than the budget window roller shutters and taking up a greater surface area, domestic roller shutters are suitable for people looking to take their home security to the next level. Our unique slimline domestic shutters allow your curtains to face the right way, while leaving a bigger distance between the curtain and glass to offer maximum insolation. They are perfect for protecting your home against sunlight, invaders and harsh weather.

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Australian Shutters

Best for: Those who value style

For people looking for a non-intrusive way to protect their windows or garages, Australian shutters are an excellent option. When we were first established in the 1970s, we found that fitting European style shutters was problematic for many Australian homeowners. This is because they took up space inside the home, compared to roller shutters that are placed outside of the home. They also featured an obtrusive headbox that stuck out of the window frame. They would also often have slates that rolled in the wrong direction, which led to difficult-to-fix faults. Australian shutters are ideal for people who want to protect their homes, but don’t want to compromise on style. Our range of Australian shutters are fully customisable to fit any window shape or style in any home.

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Commercial Roller Shutters

Best for: Businesses and commercial properties

When it comes to the security of your business, it’s important to pull out all the stops. After all, businesses are far more of a target for thieves and invaders and you’re not just protecting your own livelihood, but also that of your employees. Commercial roller shutters are the best option for businesses, as the extruded materials offers the maximum amount of security. 100% Australian made and always installed by licensed professionals who have years of experience in their trade, our heavy duty commercial roller shutters will give you peace of mind that your business is in safe hands.

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Bushfire Shutters

Best for: People living in bushfire zones

If you live in an area with a high bushfire risk (such as rural areas) it’s important to protect your home or business from extreme heat.  At Shutter World, we supply and manufacture bushfire areas rated up to BAL 40, which comply with AS 3959 regulation. They can not only withstand extreme heat, but also provide a valuable line of defence against ember attack — the primary cause of house loss in bushfires. They feature a metal crank handle for safe and easy operation in the event of a fire.

Of course, bushfire shutters need to be designed to everyday use, not just once-in-a-lifetime emergencies, As well as being completely functional against fire but they also feature our unique slimline design, giving them an attractive overall appearance to the property along with perforated slats for filtered light and air.

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Bullet resistant shutters

Best for: Banks, government and defence buildings, people living in dangerous areas

These shutters are bullet-proof…literally! Our Ultimate bullet resistant shutters are our heaviest duty product, suitable for those who need home or business protection. Despite being so effective, these shutters look no different to any other type. Still boasting our unique slimline design, they are electrically operated and come in 3 standard colours.

You can see our bullet resistant shutters in action here.

By using this guide to the different type of window shutters, you can determine which option is right for your business or home. Still not sure? Contact us today and we will get in touch to talk you through your options and give you a quote.

Different Types Of Window Shutters: Which Ones Are Right For You?
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